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Rachel's Goat & Chicken Farm

Specializing in raising natural, healthy, farm fresh meat goats and laying hens.


Goat meat is increasing in demand all across the country.  And why not!?!
It's a lean, healthy and delicious red meat that enjoys popularity across many ethnic groups.

Our goats are raised in a natural environment where they eat and browse as they choose.  They are solid, healthy animals for meat or to add to your herd for breeding. We have mostly Boer does and have added in some Kiko blood for added parasite resistance and general thriftiness. Savanna bloodlines are also being added for increased meatiness and carcass weight.

Come buy your goat right off the farm and enjoy the fresh, natural, farm raised meat. We can also deliver your purchase to our processor for you to pick up in little frozen packages!


Our laying hens are healthy, free-range birds that lay pretty brown eggs with a deep yellow/orange yolk. Often there are hens for sale of various ages.
Young pullets are $10 each and laying hens are $15 each.
Breeds include Black Australorp, Americauna (Easter Eggers), Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Leghorn and Black or Red Sex Link.
Others may be available or we can raise custom birds for you, including meat birds.

These farm-fresh eggs are available for $2.50 per dozen. Colors vary depending on what hens are currently laying.
Most of the eggs will be a large to very large size and colors range from white to brown to green and blue.


The Savanna Goat is a newer breed to the USA and is showing great potential in the meat market. They are hardy goats that do well in all conditions with minimal maintenance. My Savanna buck (registered 50%) is producing some nice kids. If you're interested in getting some of his offspring contact me to get on a waiting list and I'll let you know when his kids become available.

Blue - Registered Savanna buck

Our herd consists of a cross with Kiko, Boer and Savanna. Our does range from Spanish to Kiko to Boer to Savanna to Nubian and crosses of these. We strive to have a large animal with good carcass weight and parasite resistance.

Some of our commercial meat goat does - breeds are Kiko, Boer and Savanna. Whenever we have does over 5 yrs we will have them available for $175 each.

Sometime we have younger does available. Our younger Kiko/Boer commercial does 4-5 years old, when available, can be had for for $185 each. Even younger does can be bought at times for $195 each. These are excellent commercial does to add to or start your herd!

Doelings and bucklings from these does are available and are by our Savanna buck.

Doelings are $125 up to 5 months, bucklings are $75 up to 2 months and $85 up to 4 months. Most bucklings will be sold by 4-5 months.

Contact me today to reserve does or kids! Any goat can be held for you with a non-refundable deposit.


Rachel's Goat Farm

Seymour Missouri
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